Today, ready to wear clothing has dominated the fashion scene leaving a void for the market who still craves for attention to detail. Thus, bespoke tailoring to date is considered high-end and essential. Our brand SUIT by Vrinda & Karishma is one such attempt to cater to niche market of bespoke. “SUIT” the most common term and an essential part of a man’s clothing is synonymous to our brand that depicts everything quintessential a modern man would desire.

The client will meet with the design experts on an appointment scheduled over the website or telephone. The SUIT clients benefit from in-depth knowledge of our designers from varied designing and styling experiences helping clients get their desired looks for the occasion . At this stage, the client can browse through and select from a variety of designs, fabrics & details, to suit the occasion. We request the client to book an appointment atleast 15 working days before the desired delivery date to enable a smooth bespoke process.

Once the initial exchange of thoughts is done and designs, colors, styles are finalised upon, we move to the next stage wherein our master takes articulate measurements . .

As per the design selected and measurements of the client, our masters will draft custom patterns. Unlike ready to wear where the existing pattern are altered, we create custom pattern for every client.

This is the first trial (called kacha ), where the garment is semi stitched, to give an idea of the look and feel. Any alterations at this stage are noted and corrected. .

This is the final step, where the garment is ready for delivery with all the requested alterations if any.