“SUIT” the most common term and an essential part of man’s clothing is synonymous to our brand that depicts everything quintessential a modern man would desire. It is the brainchild of stylist and designer duo Vrinda Sangani & Karishma Deole to bring forth a fashion brand, which is exclusively menswear that caters all segments.

At SUIT we believe in providing our customer with luxurious tailor made outfits and an unmatched customer service. The thoughtful craftsmanship behind each creation right from fabric to seaming to garment makes our product a worthy buy. Our bespoke menswear department is also equipped to make home visits around the city of Mumbai and to deliver impeccable end product with minimal effort for the customer. We guarantee to deliver your tailor made garments right at your doorstep within 15 days of placing an order.

SUIT also offers special styling tips and assistance. SUIT can help revamp looks in more ways than one for various occasions.

We believe in keeping it Simple yet Stylish, Creative yet classy!